Our Services
We deliver our ultra-high speed services on dedicated dark fiber, running on 10 to 100 Gigbait per second. All our services are delivered to your area via such fiber. It is either FTTN (fiber to the node) or FTTB (fiber to the building) or FTTH (fiber to the home).

World-Class Data Centers : All our core systems are deployed in the best data centers. This ensures a very high availability and fast upgrades of our services.

Flawless International Connectivity : We are connected to multiple international carriers. We always keep multiple independent high capacity routes to the Internet abroad. This is why our Internet is with best quality.

Peering Arrangements : We peer with all major international and local providers of multimedia content. Google Peering (Youtube & Google Play), Microsoft Peering (Windows and Xbox Updates and Apps), Akamai ( Hotstar, Live Cricket), Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and many more Indian and foreign video-related services.